LeAnn Rimes Bikinis Up 'America's Got Talent' (VIDEO)

LeAnn Rimes Bikinis Up 'America's Got Talent' (VIDEO)-photo

Summer may soon be coming to a close, but LeAnn Rimes squeezed in one last bikini beach party on America's Got Talent this week, donning a retro pin-up-style two-piece and performing a cover of the classic country song, "Swingin.'"

Though LeAnn lost a few fans when she took up with married actor Eddie Cibrian, one cannot deny she has an admirable bikini body.

Check out Leann's performance - complete with cartwheels! - here:

Did you like Leann's beach party performance? Give us a shout in the comments.

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  • leejoseph

    I think she did a nice job. Has a great voice and obviously has re-invented her looks, for the better.....much better! There is no denying this woman's talent, determination and courage. As for her morals, well thats another story, but hey, that is hollywood and she is knee deep in the culture.

  • talkwjohn

    You can always tell the jaded wives that are so jealous. LeAnn didn't steal anything that didn't want to be taken. She is one of the greatest singers in country music. I love her~

  • Richard Hawkins
    Richard Hawkins

    So what!! She has "Pulchritudinous" Feet anyway! :o)

  • kelly

    what a stupid song...what kind of outfit is that? so ugly

  • dac75

    leann who, haven't we already done the leann thing over a decade ago. she is a has-been and an adulterer. lets move on please

  • obserobvious

    even her body looks like a drag queen, not just her face

  • sarah

    i agree with amy.

  • amy

    leann rimes is such a joke.... she sucks and she is such a bad role model. having an affair is soooo dirty and then to not even express any kind of shame ! ugh...