Q&A With Kelly Rutherford on Relationships

‘Gossip Girl’ actress Kelly Rutherford often gives love advice to her on-screen daughter Blake Lively. And after her headline-making divorce, she surely knows a thing or two about the topic of matters of the heart. See what she has to say below:

Question: Do we ask the people we love—be it our friends or family— for their advice when it comes to the person we fall in love with?
Answer: Are you kidding me? Yes!!! I have pairs of shoes that have lasted longer than both of my marriages. I asked for a second opinion on those shoes and about every other outfit, sofa, investment, travel plans, everything!!!!
We used to have arranged marriages…it was not about love. It was sensible. The family picked who you would marry. People stayed married and did their own thing. They didn’t fall out of love and leave the family or cost the family its fortune in divorce court. Back then, there was no pressure to stay in love it seems…and many times, they actually fell in love as time went on. I am not saying I’m an advocate for arranged marriage, I’m just aware that sometimes love is blind. We go into love very optimistic and with rose colored glasses. You need to ask for advice from the people who are around you and love you. They can see things that you don’t see. It is the same way we go to the store and try on shoes that are beyond our budget and a little too tight (if not uncomfortable), and we buy them anyway! Sometimes we go into relationships with the same logic. You need a second opinion and should always at least consider what your loved ones tell you.
xoxo Kelly

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