‘Silent Bob’ Filmmaker Kevin Smith Talks Geekery at the Geek Awards

Celebuzz got the full scoop from writer/director/actor Kevin Smith (AKA “Silent Bob”) on his life as a geek, his new movie Red State, Justin Bieber’s Canadian ancestry and understanding Twilight.

Smith is reknowned amongst filmmakers and geeks alike for his films Clerks, Zack and Miri Make a Porno, and Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and for his comic books, Spiderman/Black Cat or Batman: Cacophony. At the ceremony following this interview, Smith was given an award by AOL for being a “Movie Geek,” so now Celebuzz can say we knew him when…

Here’s what he had to say:

CELEBUZZ: Do you consider yourself a geek?

Smith: Oh yeah. Come on. We all know this. They made this thing for me. I don’t know who else. I’m probably the only person that agreed to come. I was like, “Yeah, I am a geek.”

CELEBUZZ: Do you have a favorite movie trilogy?

Smith: I guess it would have to be Star Wars. It was the one I was reared on, which sounds vaguely gay – Sci-Fi gay – but it’s what I was reared on.

CELEBUZZ: Star Wars reared you?

Smith: Yeah. Hard. (laughs) Hard. In a big way. Left an impact, an impression in my asteroid.

CELEBUZZ: What was your high school experience like? Did you get picked on?

Smith: No, I didn’t at all. Of course, everyone wants to be like, “I was like Ferris Bueller,” but I was kind of like Ferris Bueller. Not the clever part, just that I got along with everybody and I hung with a lot of different cliques.

CELEBUZZ: How is Red State coming along?

Smith: Coming along. We’re supposed to start shooting September 22. I’m going to be in New York on September 20 for this Breakfast Club screening with the cast. It’s the 25th anniversary screening, and I get on a plane and come back and we start shooting.

CELEBUZZ: What do you think about Twilight?

Smith: I’ve said it before. I find it as impenetrable as an Israeli film. I don’t understand the politics of that region. Mercifully, [my] kid kind of understands it, so we went for her benefit. She was there sitting next to me, and she explained a few things and concepts that were completely foreign to me. For example, like a girl fighting over you. I didn’t understand that plot point at all.

CELEBUZZ: What about Justin Bieber?

Smith: I love her. (laughs) I don’t know. I don’t think I’ve ever heard a Justin Bieber song. I’m kind of outside the demographic and what not, but I do have a kid who plays music. I’m not familiar with the dudes stuff. I know he’s huge. Also, he came from the Internet, right?

CELEBUZZ: YouTube and Canada, too.

Smith: He’s also Canadian. I’m a big fan of Canada as well. Self-made man. Self-made child.

CELEBUZZ: As a filmmaker, what was your favorite movie of the summer?

Smith: Toy Story 3. The one with no humans in it. It was pretty amazing. Lotta soul. Lotta heart for a movie that was basically zeros and ones and whatnot. It was amazing. Proves it all starts with a great script.

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