Fantasia Admits Overdose Was Intentional

Following her scary brush with death after overdosing on Asprin and a sleeping aid, Fantasia admits that it was an intentional suicide attempt.

The American Idol opens up about her suicide attempt for her Behind the Music special, airing on VH1 on Tuesday. A portion of the interview was leaked to People:

I didn’t have any fight in me. I didn’t care about anything. I just wanted out. At that moment, I wanted out. I wanted it to be over with – all of it, all of that [expletive].

I just sat in the closet and looked at the mirror and took all the pills in the bottle. I wanted to go to sleep and just be at peace. I knew exactly what I was doing. You can’t accidentally take a whole bottle of pills.

Fantasia’s manager, Brian Dickens, was one of the people who found the star on the floor of her room. He tells Behind the Music that her “emotions were extremely low” and she had “been crying all day” before overdosing.

The 26-year-old star overdosed less than a day after news broke of her alleged affair with a married man. Fantasia claims that when the two of them started dating, she was told that he was separated from his wife. Now, the wife is threatening to sue Fantasia for sleeping with her husband. (In some states, like North Carolina where Fantasia and Paula live, a spouse can sue someone for sleeping with their husband or wife.)

Luckily, Fantasia now says that she isn’t feeling as blue as she did when she overdosed. The singer says that a nurse “saved [her] life” and told her that she had to live because she hadn’t fulfilled her destiny in life yet.

Fantasia’s new album, Back to Me will be released on Tuesday.

What do you think of Fantasia’s suicide attempts? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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