How Jen Aniston Can Get Her Acting Groove Back

Now that Jennifer Aniston’s latest romantic comedy, The Switch, hasn’t fared very well at the box office (to put it gently,) Celebuzz started thinking about what Aniston can and should do next with her ample acting talent.

Without fancying ourselves masters of Aniston’s universe, telling her which roles she should and should not take, Celebuzz consulted the reviews and turned to the box office receipts (thanks!) to form our unscientific analysis. The result is a three-part conclusion: 1. It would be fabulous to see Aniston branch out and try more substantive independent films. 2. She should consider a triumphant return to television! 3. Jen may want to perhaps shy away from the romantic comedy genre, or at least take a hiatus?

The receipts nor the critics lie on that final point, which will be addressed briefly: Aniston’s recent rom-coms have received lukewarm receptions. Love Happens opened with just $8 million and while the action-y rom-com The Bounty Hunter performed decently with a $20 million opening weekend, it was largely panned by critics. Rumour Has It flopped in 2005 and … you get the picture.

Moving on to brighter points.

Box office be damned, it would be great to to see Jen dive in to some meaty indie roles – sort of like 2002’s The Good Girl, in which she played an adrift discount store clerk, and prompted Roger Ebert to declare that she had “at last decisively broken with her Friends image in an independent film of satiric fire and emotional turmoil.” Though it didn’t make much money – the film let Aniston show her chops, as did Friends With Money four years later, deemed one of Jen’s “best on-screen performances” by critics. While not quite an indie, the relatively low-budget comedy and cult classic, Office Space, allowed Jen – as the unforgettable waitress with flair! – to show off her comedic timing. Perhaps the biggest vehicles aren’t always the best for showcasing Aniston’s acting ability, which brings us to our next point.

Maybe, just maybe, Aniston should return to TV! She held her own against Alec Baldwin on 30 Rock, boosted ratings on BFF Courtney Cox’s short-lived Dirt and will soon reunite with Cox for a guest appearance on ABC’s Cougar Town. An awesomely-scripted dramedy on premium cable TV would be a mighty fine move for Aniston. After all, it worked for the likes of movie stars like Glenn Close and Holly Hunter. Back in the day it worked for Aniston, too. She won an Emmy for Friends… and then segued into movies.

No matter her next move, Celebuzz is rooting for Jennifer Aniston!

What do you think Jen should do next? Give her some career tips in the comments.

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