Jennifer Aniston and Courteney Cox Reunite for Cougar Town

There’s a very special visitor making her way to Cougar Town: Jennifer Aniston.

ABC, which broadcasts the Courteney Cox-starring comedy, reports that Cox’s former Friends-ter and real-life BFF will guest-star on the show’s Season Two premiere, which airs Wednesday, September 22.

The episode will mark the first time that Cox and Aniston have worked together since 2007, when Aniston guested on Cox’s former series Dirt. During that collaboration, Aniston portrayed a lesbian rival of Cox’s Lucy Spiller character. Aniston’s guest appearance culminated in a kiss on the lips between her and Cox’s characters. View the magical moment in the video below:

No word on whether her trip to Cougar Town will include similar girl-on-girl action, but one can only hope. After the disappointing box office performance of her new movie The Switch this weekend, Aniston could probably use a little TLC.

Will you tune in to see Aniston and Cox reunite? Let us know in the comments section.

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