Kara DioGuardi Wanted to Leave ‘American Idol’

Don’t feel too bad for Kara DioGuardi. Sure, she might have gotten the ax from her American Idol judging gig, but she didn’t want the job anymore anyway. Really.

A source tells E! Online that DioGuardi, who was reportedly shown the door at Idol late last month, was actually looking to get off the show:

“She went to Fox two months ago and told them she didn’t want to do another season. She’s ready to move on. She did two years and thinks that’s enough.”

Problem solved, right? Well, not exactly. Unfortunately for DioGuardi, she’s still technically under contractual obligation to Fox, and is unable to pursue other opportunities:

“It’s frustrating because she can’t even take any meetings…everyone wants to know what her schedule will be like, but she doesn’t know. What happens if Fox tells her they still want her for next season?”

We’re going to guess that won’t be a problem. You have to feel for Kara, though; poor girl can’t even get properly fired in this town.

What do you think DioGuardi’s next career move should be, once she’s officially cut loose? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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