Levi Johnston’s Mayoral Campaign Begins

Levi Johnston has filed his official letter of intent to run for state or municipal office in the 2011 Alaskan elections, presumably to make good on his aspirations of becoming the mayor of Wasilla, Alaska – a job once held by Sarah Palin – and to film his campaign for a new reality show dubbed Loving Levi: The Road to the Mayor’s Office.

The letter indicates Johnston plans to run in Wasilla but does not specify which position.

Following the collapse of his reconciliation with Bristol Palin, Johnston, a high school drop-out, faced criticism from the Palin clan at his decision to run for his would-have-been mother-in-law’s old job.

“I never knew he had political aspirations,” Bristol told Us Weekly. “I’m glad that Levi has not given up on completing his education and is looking for steady employment.”

Palin family mockery aside, there is some good news for Levi. Because his mayoral bid has officially started, he can legally accept campaign donations.

Can Levi win? Tell us your opinion in the comments section!


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