Miley Cyrus Gets Spanked By Mom (VIDEO)

Miley Cyrus Gets Spanked By Mom (VIDEO)-photo

Been wondering when Miley Cyrus' parents would administer some discipline to their wild-child daughter? Today's your lucky day—sort of.

A new clip from Cyrus' Can't Be Tamed DVD has emerged on the Internet, featuring a spanking-good exchange between Cyrus and her mom, Tish, backstage at London's O2 Arena. Apparently, Tish wasn't too pleased about Miley's knuckle-cracking habit, and gave her child a couple of swats on the bottom as a corrective measure.

The 17-year-old Cyrus then breaks into an impromptu rap-and-dance routine which, if you ask most people, may have been cause enough for another spanking.

Check out the video of justice being administered Cyrus-family style below:

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  • sarah

    shes really cute and so is her mom i love her hair- and i think that she justs want to be a star and sing and every girl wishes for some popularity

  • I'm from Holland where THE F you're from
    I'm from Holland where THE F you're from

    Hahah...mennn people have criticism on everything she's un-f*ck!n-unbelievable. Some of you really lose face on themselves by giving negative comments on such a innocents things and make a mountain out of a molehill. Things she does on stage are part of THE stage she's just being a 17th year old, making fun, figuering out who she is & don't pretend to be somebody she ain't..and not only as an exemplary person to be seen..all the usual stuff, as we all supposed to do at that age. I think it's great to see that a KID as famous as she is..acts like à normal's her dignity..and so it is!

  • OfficialJustinBieber

    hey everyone!!!!! its me official justin bieber and i just want to have a shoutout to my friend(even thought she puts stuff about me) follow her on her blog..I AM THE REAL JUSTIN..NO LIE

  • Lix1818

    She's annoying.Not funny at all.It was just painful to watch. Its like watching Dinner for Schmucks. Why watch it all then? your annoying and not funny at all no1 cares what you think! go be a downer somwhere else fool!

  • frenchgirl

    lol i love her!! she is amazing and soooo funny :) she and her mom are so close thats awesome!! i love this video......she's natural!!

  • kym

    lol im not a fan of hers but the title of this post sounded interesting. this is so much like me and my mom. we play around like that all the time. i get how people could find this a bit abnoxious though..... but anyways her mom seems nice

  • JohnB

    Wow what a weirdo. Thats what happens when you come from the country straight to hollyweird i mean look at britney spears. These country girls need to stay in the country where they belong. But then again this girl is just that a girl, just a kid being put in an adult world. No wonder she don't know how to act.. Kid's don't belong in the adult world it just screws them up bad

  • mfan

    This is an old video from her last tour. She has to get herself psyched for her show, and that's what she's doing. No one else in that room has to perform. I wonder how her dancers psyche themselves up? By warming up? Go Miley!

  • Kaylie

    bahaha, she is hilarious. my mom and I are just like that. Nice to see that she's still cool and down to earth.

  • alextaylor!(:

    haha that was funny!(:

  • fail

    She's annoying. Not funny at all. It was just painful to watch. Its like watching Dinner for Schmucks. Why are youi in every Miley post

  • annabannana56

    She's annoying. Not funny at all. It was just painful to watch. Its like watching Dinner for Schmucks.

  • hispanicatthedisco

    Not pictured: Billy Ray standing in the corner, nodding and stroking his soul patch approvingly.

  • patsycline

    Haha, she's so funny :)