Nick Jonas vs. Grandpa Jonas in a Family Fall-Off! (VIDEO)

Gravity happens—even if you’re a member of the Jonas family.

The Jonas clan was taken down twice by the cruel law of gravity over the weekend at the Nikon Theater in Jones Beach, New York, where the Jonas Brothers rocked the house on Saturday. First the pop trio’s grandfather, Jerry, took a spill after being presented with a birthday cake and serenaded in honor of his 70th birthday. Grandpa Jonas decided to grandstand a little bit and bust out a chicken dance, at which point he became intimately acquainted with the floor of the Nikon’s stage. (Don’t worry; he recovered pretty quickly.) Check it out in the video below:

Not to be outdone by his elder, Nick Jonas took a tumble while exiting the stage following the group’s encore:

Either someone littered the stage with banana peels that day, or clumsiness runs in the Jonas family.

Who took the more entertaining fall? Render your verdict in the comments section! And make sure to check out Celebuzz’s Smooth Moves gallery for even more celebrity spills and chills.

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