Rumor Control: No Feud Between Jen Aniston & Juliette Lewis

Does Jennifer Aniston have it out for her Switch co-star Juliette Lewis? Uh, no.

HollywoodLife reports that a “source” claims that Jen tried to get Juliette fired from The Switch because Juliette used to date Brad Pitt back in the early ’90s. As it turns out, this story is about as real as the Jen pregnancy rumors. Jen’s rep tells Celebuzz that the story is “100 percent false” and couldn’t be further from the truth:

Jennifer is and has always been a huge fan of Juliette’s and was thrilled when Juliette agreed to do the film. The experience of making the movie allowed them to be close friends and Jennifer would love to work with her again.

Watch the trailer for The Switch below.

The intial HollywoodLife post claimed that:

When Jen heard that Juliette was cast in the movie, she wasn’t happy. In fact, she wanted her fired before the movie even started filming. Jen is one of the producers of the film, so she had a say in who was cast and who wasn’t. […] It took some convincing, but Jen finally okayed it.

Juliette and Brad dated years before he eventually met and married Jen. Juliette and Brad even co-starred as crazy lovers in the ’90s cult film, Kalifornia. Watch the trailer below.

Juliette had previously talked about working with Jen on the set of The Switch:

There’s an obvious history we share but while we didn’t share stories about Brad, we did have an instant connection and mutual affection. I love her.

Juliette plays Jen’s wacky friend in The Switch, which hit theaters last weekend.

Rumor Status: False

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