Sammi Walks Out on ‘Jersey Shore’?

Sammi Sweetheart has reportedly walked off the set of Jersey Shore in Seaside Heights, NJ.

According to RadarOnline, Sammi left the show last week after she watched last week’s episode of the Jersey Shore and saw her ex-boyfriend (and co-star) Ronnie cheating on her at a club.

The second season of Jersey Shore was taped earlier this year in Miami and is currently airing on MTV. The cast is now taping the third season.

Sammi and Ronnie met on the first season of Jersey Shore and quickly began dating. The two eventually called things off after filming but rekindled their romance (sort of) while filming the second season in Miami.

Sammi reportedly left the Seaside Heights house after discovering that Ronnie had cheated on her during their renewed romance in Miami:

She just couldn’t stay living with the person who did this to her, so she moved out. She had to find out in front of everyone that her boyfriend was lying to her and treating her like hell.

In the episodes that have aired of the second season, Ronnie has been shown partying it up at clubs in Miami and making out with various women. One night, Ronnie makes out with different women and then drunkenly crawls into bed with Sammi. Later in the episode, Sammi looks elated when Ronnie refers to her as his girlfriend.

The cast only has a few more weeks left of filming. It isn’t clear if she will return for another season.

Sammi isn’t the first cast member to leave the show: Angelina stormed off the show during the first season but returned for the second. However, Angelina was replaced by a friend of Snooki’s for the third season.

Do you think Sammi made the right decision? Are you sad to see her go? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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