Taylor Lautner Acts Like a Pirates Fan (VIDEO)

Taylor Lautner Acts Like a Pirates Fan (VIDEO)-photo

Forget the peanuts and crackerjack; Taylor Lautner is enough to get us out to the ol' ball game anytime.

Sunday's match-up between the New York Mets and the Pittsburgh Pirates got a big dose of star power thanks to the presence of the Twilight beefcake, who proudly flaunted a Pirates jersey for the game.

Lautner has recently been in the Pittsburgh area filming his upcoming thriller Abduction, and it's believed that he was at the game filming a scene for the flick. Either that or, as the video below suggests, he was really confused about the location of his seat.

Either way, Lautner turned out to be a good-luck charm for the Pirates, who won the game 2-1.

Check out video of Taylor at the game below:

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  • izzie

    I agree! ^.^

  • sydsouth

    * He's so in "Hot Guy Walking" mode, he stands out so much in a crowd too, in the good way! The way he's looking around would make my heart THUD if he ever did that to me!! * who agrees?

  • sydsouth

    * Taylor doesn't look like a Nathan, if thats really his characters name. Bahaha, that makes me laugh! Anyways, the movie should be good no matter what. Why you ask?! Because HE'S IN IT!! *

  • bikiniclad

    Agreed. SD for life but a boy in any baseball gear is fine with me

  • Ronnia

    I may not be a Pirates fan but he sure do make that shirt look good. can't wait for his movie to come out.

  • Korri

    The Pirates won!? Thats the surprising part...

  • Karen

    That's a clip from Taylor Lautner's movie called "Abduction". They are filming in Pittsburgh this summer. He looks so good in a Pirates Jersey. Go Pirates!!!

  • annabannana56

    He's getting movie roles? WOW.

  • Boyd

    They are filming a scene from his movie. His character is Nathan, Nathan is from Pennsylvania and hiding out from the bad guys in the ballpark.