Ashley Greene & Joe Jonas' Dugout Hang Out (PHOTOS)

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas must be pretty good friends: The Twilight starlet has tagged along to not one, but two baseball games to cheer on her pal Joe.

Once again, the 23-year-old beauty was spotted getting friendly with Joe in the dugout of a Road Dogs baseball game in New Jersey. The two laughed and talked while they watched the game.

What do you think of Ashley's serial baseball game-attending? Could those Joe and Ashley rumors be true? Click here for more photos and let us know what you think in the comments below.



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  • omarion91

    They are so f*cking boring... Wake me up when they are over. LMAO

  • omarion91

    Good for them!

  • jj fan girl
    jj fan girl

    nooooooo!i love joe and she will break his heart like camilla did!she's a bitch!why joe,why?u can't be single 1 minute!u have to data everytime!?

  • ivyzuber

    how do you go from a 17 yr old (now 18) to a 23 yr old? it looks like he is into her more then she is into him... hmm sounds familiar. dont let her break your heart joe...

  • frenchgirl

    They are so f*cking boring...Wake me up when they are over. please can you stop commenting things about young stars if its just to be rude and unrespectful!! please.....

  • annabannana56

    They are so f*cking boring... Wake me up when they are over.