Jessica Szohr Gets Leggy in ‘Nylon’ (PHOTOS)

Now here are some pics that should get some jaws jabbering.

Gossip Girl beauty Jessica Szohr serves as the cover girl for the September 2010 Nylon, which is also the magazine’s annual “TV Issue.” Photographed by Valerie Phillips and styled by renowned celebrity-dressers Anda and Masha, Szohr—who’s rumored to be back in “on-again” mode with her co-star and sometimes boyfriend, Ed Westwick—flashes a lot of gam on the cover.

Szohr reveals a lot more in the pages of the magazine—such as what the show might have in store for viewers as it enters its upcoming fourth season: 

“I keep saying they have to bring in other characters because how many times can six characters date and hook up with each other before it gets real old?”

Has anybody contacted Betty White about a guest spot?

Click through the photo gallery to see more of Szohr in Nylon. And let us know in the comments section: Who would you like to see guest-star on Gossip Girl?