Katy Perry’s ‘Teenage Dream’: A Quickie Review

In case you haven’t noticed by the months of press, headlines and magazine covers, Katy Perry has an album coming out today titled Teenage Dream, and judging by the reviews, it’s a pop music beast. Countless reviews are praising Miss Perry’s chops, including our sister site Idolator. So, rather than opine ourselves, Celebuzz is leaving it to the expert, letting our pal Becky Bain from Idolator sum it up for you. After reading her initial summary of Dream, Celebuzz had a few follow-up questions that break the album down even further for you.

As an overall pop album, how does Teenage Dream rank? Better than
average? Great? Meh?

Teenage Dream is pretty much the definition of a “pop” album. It’s basically drowning in catchy hooks and sing-a-long choruses, and even with some serious tracks on the album, it just simply exudes joy. Almost all of the songs follow a well-worn formula – there’s really no experimentation going on here – but it’s really a testament to the talents of Katy, Dr. Luke any the other writers and producers on the album that they really know how to make songs people want to hear over and over.

Will this album solidify Katy’s place in the pop landscape, giving her lots of staying power?

I think before “California Gurls” came out, people were almost expecting Katy to have a sophomore slump, especially since her first CD One Of The Boys had so many hits on it – people assume she won’t be able to top herself. But after the almost instant success of that song, I think, made people realize that she wasn’t just a fluke, but really knew what she was doing.

You mention ‘Not Like the Movies’ is the ballad of Katy’s career. Is it the standout song on the album? If so, why?

I don’t think “Not Like The Movies” is the song people will think of when they think of this album, but it’s just gorgeous and really showcases how good Katy’s voice really is – something most people overlook since many of her songs aren’t really about the singing, but the whole production.

Has her two-month press barrage of late helped the album?

Her nonstop press tour obviously helped the album since there’s never enough wigs or tight outfits a pop star can wear. Every new photo or outfit is a new blog post for somebody to write and another opportunity for them to promote your music. She almost didn’t even need to do as much press as she did for this album, though, since the amount of “California Gurls” parodies circulating on YouTube alone is almost all the promotion she needed.

Check out more of Becky’s pop prowess and more awesome music coverage at Idolator.

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