Wyclef Jean Won’t Go Down Without a Fight

Wyclef Jean isn’t taking his disqualification from the Haitian presidential election sitting down.

After initially bowing out of the race peacefully following the announcement that he did not meet residency requirements, the ex-Fugees singer chose to challenge the ruling, tweeting:

We have met all the requirements set by the laws. And the law must be Respected.

The rules state a candidate must live in Haiti for the five consecutive years preceding the election. Wyclef contends that because he is and has been a goodwill ambassador for Haiti, he should not be held to this.

And in an audio clip released today to the media, Wyclef spat fire at his adversaries:

Even before our work began, friends in Haiti and abroad had warned me that much trickery would be used to block me. The result: CEP has proved it true. They violated the Constitution to benefit their families and their friends who continue to live off the people’s money. Are you going to continue to support people who do not respect the fundamental law of the country?

To further complicate matters, Pierre Thibaut, the director of communication of the election council, has noted that an appeal by Wyclef can only be heard by the election council  – the committee that already denied him – because there is no higher power in this case.

Do you think Wyclef Jean is being treated unfairly by the Haitian government? Tell us in the comments section.

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