Dave Franco & Jamie-Lynn Sigler Get Catblocked (VIDEO)

Twilight fan and dreamboat-on-the-rise Dave Franco wouldn’t have any problem getting all the ladies he wanted if it weren’t for one four-legged little furball.

The Charlie St. Cloud actor filmed a hilarious new short for Funny or Die in which Dave’s feline friend Arturo kills the mood during a sexy make out session with Jamie-Lynn Sigler. While Dave and Jamie go at it, Arturo tries his very best to run interference and distract Dave with his cuteness. Will it work? Watch the (perhaps NSFW) video below.

The short was directed by Where the Wild Things Are screenwriter (and literary darling) Dave Eggers’ brother Toph. Perhaps Toph and Dave had plenty to talk about since they are both the younger brothers of two famous dudes (Dave, of course, is the younger brother of James Franco).

Would you storm out on Dave because of his cat? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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