Emma Watson Visits Bangladesh for Fair Trade Fashion (VIDEO)

Earlier this year, fashion-plate Emma Watson took a trip to Bangladesh to find out how our clothes are made.

Watson was recently named the face of People Tree, a Fair Trade clothier in the UK. In an effort to prove that the Harry Potter actress is more than just the company’s pretty face, Emma visited the slums of factory garment workers.

The Brown University student also visited the Fair Trade clothing collective Swallows, where People Tree clothing is made. Watch the video below.

The former Burberry model says that she was “inspired” by the Swallows collective and the good work that Fair Trade clothiers are doing:

Following my summer collection for People Tree I wanted to visit Bangladesh to see the difference Fair Trade makes. The contrast between the slums in Dhaka (the capital of Bangladesh) where the people who work in the garment factories live and Swallows (the Fair Trade community supported by People Tree) was all too apparent. I still find it hard to convey what Fair Trade means to those producing our fashion — it’s just so impressive to see how the women have used Fair Trade clothing to escape poverty and empower themselves and their children. I was moved and inspired.

In the video, Emma also models some new items for People Tree’s Autum/Winter collection.

What do you think of Emma’s efforts to support Fair Trade clothing? Share your thoughts in the comments below.