Jimmy Fallon Talks Emmys, ‘Glee’ Surprise

Mark your calenders, TV-lovers: The 62nd Primetime Emmys are on Sunday and they will be hosted by the always-hilarious Jimmy Fallon. Celebuzz got the chance to talk with Jimmy about his plans for the big night, how he plans to wrestle in the youngs for the show, and how Robert Pattinson would react to all of this Emmy nonsense.

To change things up this year, the Emmys will allow audience members to write Twitter intros to their favorite celebs which Jimmy will read out when introducing presenters. The plan was announced this morning and Jimmy says that fans are already tweeting some pretty good intros: “They’re starting to come in already. We thought it was a pretty cool idea to do…it usually turns out pretty fun for our audience as well as our show.”

Jimmy is no stranger to integrating Twitter into his act–Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will often encourage viewers to interact with Jimmy through Twitter and his “Hashtag” sketch. But don’t think that Jimmy sees Twitter as a ploy to draw in “the youngs:” “Old people love to tweet, we all know this…so I’m really going for the older crowd, that’s just sort of obvious.”

Aside from culling Twitter for presenter intros, Jimmy is already in major preparation mode for the show. “I’m working out with The Situation,” says Jimmy about his workout routine, “We both do 5,000 crunches and then we both go to Pinkberry and talk about politics and stuff.” But, just in case the 5,000 daily crunches don’t tone Jimmy up, he’s got a back up plan: “Tom Ford designed my Spanx, that’s what I’m telling everyone.” Fit and fashionable, just like an Emmy host should be.

Speaking of the show, will we be seeing any on-stage battles between Jimmy’s infamous (and Emmy-winning) “6-Bee” sketch and Glee? “I’m a Gleek […] I don’t want to give anything away, just know that it’s the Emmys and it’s going to be fun.”

Watch Jimmy’s “6-Bee” sketch below.

Meanwhile, there is one surprise Jimmy let us in on: Betty White will be making a special appearance on the show! “Hopefully she’s not drunk,” Jimmy joked about Betty, “It’s a mess, we were at a John Mayer concert together last night and it was just a mess trying to get her back in the car.” Yikes!

Jimmy also reveals that he may be drawing a bit of “inspiration” from a previous critically-acclaimed Emmy host: “We’re going to do what [2009 Emmys host] Neil Patrick Harris did last year, word for word.”

The former Saturday Night Live cast member also reveals that he may be secretly rooting for his old show. “I do love SNL, I think that show is underrated […] the fact that they’re doing a live show, it’s fascinating!” Maybe those live performance skills will come in handy while hosting the live (on both coasts!) show: “I learned so much from that show.”

Another force that might be able to help Jimmy on the Emmys? RPattz. Jimmy does a “Robert is Bothered” sketch on Late Night where he impersonates the brooding Twilight actor as he complains about various things. So, how would Robert react to all of this? “What’s with all the long speeches,” Jimmy asks in his best Rob voice, “who cares–we know you want to thanks your wife, you have to or you’ll get divorced!”

Watch Jimmy and RPattz talk about what bothers them below.

All in all, Jimmy says that he is up to the challenge of hosting the Emmys considering that he has a “museum of 2010 television” on his multiple TiVos at home.

Catch the Emmys (and Jimmy) live on NBC on Sunday at 5 p.m. PT/ 8 p.m. ET. Don’t forget to drop by Celebuzz during the commercial breaks as we will be having up-to-the-minute coverage all night.

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