Kim Kardashian: Bieber's Got Swagger

Kim Kardashian: Bieber's Got Swagger-photo

In good news for Justin Bieber -- there may be hope for him and Kim Kardashian after all.

After initially saying she'd "never" date Baby Biebs - and that she was old enough to be his mom - Kim told George Lopez she'd consider her Elle magazine photo shoot co-star "if he was of legal age." After all, he is quite charming!

"Justin Bieber has this swag to him," she said on Lopez Tonight. "You definitely have to meet him, he just has this swag."

When Lopez brought up Bill O'Reilly's objections to her "frolicking in the surf" with "El Bieb," Kim said: "The shoot was all in fun… everyone's entitled to their own opinion on it and we were just having a good time. I love it!"

Do you think "El Bieb" has a chance with his crush, Kim? Give him some feedback in the comments.

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  • jack

    Lol, miley aint a virgin and beiber needs to get a mop chop and DIE Lol. :P

  • juuuuuliiiiiaaaa

    NOOOOOO! they are just friend and are doing photoshoots together to make money!

  • hsnluvr

    Justin just has a boner for Kim like most young guys his age, it's pretty hard to blame him. Even though Kim's old enough to be his mom, I still think it'd be pretty hot to see them together as a couple.

  • Seka

    Baby Biebs has already said that KK is too old for him and she is already said Baby Biebs is too young for her.No worries. KK just likes the PR for herself and her realty show. Remember the Press is bad Press.

  • annabannana56

    Justin Bieber reminds me of a young Ray J. He's got some serious talent. Hahaha LOL. Putting Justin Bieber and word ''talent'' in the same sentence is hilarious.It's just like saying Miley Cyrus is a virgin.

  • noah

    Justin Bieber reminds me of a young Ray J. He's got some serious talent.

  • Enid

    Ew. No, he does NOT have "swagger." Hanging your pants low, wearing oversized shirts, and poor ebonics doesn't equal swagger. Did anyone see the beginning of "One Time," while he was talking to Usher? Gag.

  • annabannana56

    Kim and Justin need to find friends their own age..Is that really hard? But,after all this is Hollywood...Everything is possible.

  • Shut up
    Shut up

    Mary Kay Louterneau anybody?? Anyhoo, Kim just likes to hear herself talk. Kim is the brunette of Heidi Montag.

  • mary-anne

    Kim wasn't dating him. Is just a photoshoot, people! After all they both know how to make their own money. I love Kim!She is my idol.

  • yo

    Eww!! Kim is like a cougar. hes 16!! and your what 30! that's really creepy. if she like loves Justin. that's disgusting. let him date someone his own age. but if i did happen i would still love Justin cause i support him no matter what. but that wouldn't change the way i feel about Kim!

  • aunt Billy
    aunt Billy

    He is so cute, Kim is right she could be her mom NOT her ...LOL! That situation is so funny we know it is normal boys feel things about older women and Hello, is KIM K!

  • frejamacarons

    justin bieber is so ew. Everyone sees him and they thin that his youthful looks mean that he is so innocent and like a baby, but they dont realise that he is 16 years old and gross. Like how ew.