Lady Gaga Mans Up for ‘Vogue’ (PHOTOS)

Looks like Lady Gaga is having some fun with all of those rumors about her gender. The “Alejandro” singer goes undercover and dresses in drag for the new issue of Vogue Hommes Japan, slicking back her hair to portray her alter-ego Jo Calderone, a supposed mechanic from Palermo, Italy.

During the accompanying interview, “Calderone” reveals a romantic interlude between himself and Gaga:

“I met her at a shoot [photographer] Nick Knight was doing. She’s f*ckin’ beautiful, and funny, and interesting. I was a little nervous for Nick to start shooting. She said, ’Don’t be baby, you were “born this way.”‘ I took her out after. The rest is private ;)”

Careful, Gaga; sounds like you’re starting to date yourself. How do you think Gaga looks as a man? Click through the photo gallery and share your thoughts in the comments section.