Which Actor Should Be Tom Cruise’s Next Co-Star? (POLL)

Paramount Pictures and director Brad Bird are reportedly on a mission to find Tom Cruise’s MI:4 co-star. According to Deadline New York, Cruise will test with three young up-and-comers later this week.

The potential Toms-in-training are: The Hurt Locker star Anthony Mackie, Letters to Juliet hunk Christopher Egan and Keven Zegers, who had a bit part on Gossip Girl (as Jenny’s boyfriend Damien) and happens to resemble a young Cruise!

Commenters at the Deadline site are voicing their support for their favorites, with one saying Zegers is “one of the most underrated actors of his generation.” At least one fan gave Egan a “maybe” but the majority seems to support Mackie, calling him a “genius” choice. Or as one commenter said: Anthony Mackie + Tom Cruise = Great Movie.

We’re just surprised Cruise’s BFF Zac Efron isn’t in the running!

Who do you think should get in on the Mission Impossible 4 action as Cruise’s co-star? Weigh in via the poll below.

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