‘Glee’ Co-Stars Poke Fun at Car-Keying Rumor

Glee stars Mark Salling and Naya Rivera are making light of the Us Weekly report that accused her of keying – and egging! – his Lexus “in a jealous fit” after learning he cheated. (The two have been rumored to be dating.)

Not long after Mark all but denied the rumor via Twitter, saying, “btw I don’t even drive a Lexus,” he sent out tongue-in-cheek tweet that read: “silly rumors, we’re the best of friends,” accompanied by the above shot of Naya (in her Cheerios uniform!) mock-attempting to strangle him.

Even with Salling’s dismissal, RadarOnline is taking the story even further, saying that Rivera not only keyed Marc’s car, but that she and a friend also pelted it with dog food that they bought during a late-night liquor store run.

Either they’re better actors than we thought, or Mark and Naya really aren’t at odds at all. What do you think about Lexusgate 2010? Give us your humble opinion in the comments.

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