Justin Bieber's 'CSI' Appearance: Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)

Justin Bieber's 'CSI' Appearance: Sneak Peek! (VIDEO)-photo

Ready for a glimpse of Justin Bieber's guest appearance on CSI?

The "Baby" singer will appear on multiple episodes of the CBS crime drama beginning with the season premiere on September 23, and of course the show capitalizes on that fact in a new promo, which features a delectable look at the cherub-faced crooner in his dramatic debut. It's just a brief look, but well worth it.

On the series, Bieber will portray Jason McCann, a "troubled teen who is faced with a terrible decision regarding his only brother."

Check out another side of Biebs in the video below.

Are you excited to see his CSI performance? Let us know in the comments section. And make sure to hit up The Holy Bieble for all things Bieber-related.

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  • sofy

    guao no sabia eso pero esta bueno sobretodo la actuacion de justin bieber es un buen personaje el que le dieron XD

  • Pins

    okey so i really do not care about justin at all, but this is still kinda cool ;D

  • KTownes97

    can't freaking wait!

  • chelleasbieliber

    can't wait for it!!! ahhahhhaha.. im sure it will be abig hit!!!

  • No hard feelings
    No hard feelings

    Is he going to play a raped girl or something?I don't see the point.. I can't believe you can say something like that! I don't care for Justin to but dude don't talk about getting raped like its a joke. It's serious ok and something people shouldn't joke around with. Idk how old you are but you sound like a little kid that dosent really understand rape. and this is not a mean comment towards you ok I'm just saying please don't talk about stuff so carefree like its nothing when it's really important and serious.

  • jillmarie

    it said jason mccan @juuuulia, you probably just read it wrong. i am very eager to see his performance. we've never really seen him act in a serious way, just jokingly on SNL.

  • WAshington

    i am so excited!!(:

  • nevada

    CANT WAIT !!!!!!! SEPT 23RD ! :):)

  • Kim

    LOOOOOOL @annabannana56 good one

  • juuuulia

    john mccann? i thought it was jason mccann

  • annabannana56

    Is he going to play a raped girl or something? I don't see the point..