Lindsay Lohan’s Post-Rehab Grin (PHOTOS)

Lindsay Lohan is obviously thrilled to be a free woman, as the fresh-out-of-rehab Machete actress dropped in at a Santa Monica, California, office building on Thursday wearing a big grin on her face.

Perhaps her elevated mood is due to the fact that her financial situation appears to be looking up; according to reports, Lindsay’s swarmed by companies eager to pay her just for being seen with their products. New York radio station Party 105 has also reportedly offered Lindsay and her mother, Dina Lohan, $1 million to co-host a radio show.

Alas, all is not bliss in Lohan’s world; the actress, who had a run-in with the paparazzi in the early-morning hours on Thursday, tweeted her frustration about it earlier today, venting,

“Clearly.. Paparazzi shouldn’t be allowed to take pictures or video while someone’s driving or at a stop light. 4every1’s sake #trafficpolice”

Hope she wasn’t sending that message while she was behind the wheel. Just sayin’. Click through the photo gallery to see more of Lindsay flashing her pearly whites. And make sure to hit up Paparazzi-Razzi to see more fascinating pics of celebs out and about.