‘Twilight’s’ Carlisle: Worst Vampire EVER?

Is Peter Facinelli, who portrays Cullen family patriarch Carlisle Cullen in Twilight, the Worst Vampire in Film amd TV History? Rolling Stone film critic Peter Travers thinks so, ranking poor Peter the #1 worst blood-sucker ever. (Robert Pattinson makes the Best list, but only at #10.)

According to Travers:

Facinelli is a solid actor, but playing Carlisle Cullen, the white-haired head of the fang-challenged Cullen vampire family, he looks about as terrifying as Project Runway winner Austin Scarlett, whom Carisle closely resembles.

Burn! But to Facinelli’s credit, he has responded to this insult in a very gracious, Carlisle-like manner. He said via Twitter:

Thank you Mr. Travers. As Carlisle is a compassionate humanitarian, and anti-vampire in nature, being the worst Vampire was quite the compliment. Although, you had me at “solid actor”. :) I did find the comparison to Austin Scarlett utterly ridiculous though … He has way better cheek bones.

Also, we must note that as fabulous as he is, Austin Scarlett did not win Project Runway.

Do you think Peter Facinelli is the Worst Vampire Ever? Holler back in the comments.

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