What’s Up With Heidi Montag’s Surgery Tweet? (UPDATE)

Is Heidi Montag a sunglass-wearing fibber?

The former Hills star recently tweeted that she was wearing sunglasses “for the first time” since her surgery. That’s odd, because Heidi was photographed wearing sunglasses when she filed for separation from Spencer Pratt in June. Is Heidi confused about her sunglass habits or did she get another surgery that we don’t know about?

Heidi famously got 10 surgical procedures done in one day last November but she recently told Life and Style magazine that she was planning on getting a breast reduction. Are the November surgeries the “surgery” that Heidi is referencing? And, if it is, why is she claiming that this is her first time wearing sunglasses in ten months when she wore them earlier this summer?

Heidi is currently hiding out in Costa Rica with her soon-to-be-ex husband Spencer. Perhaps Heidi got a different, eye-related surgery in Costa Rica that would keep her from wearing sunglasses. However, while Heidi doesn’t shy away from talking about her many surgeries, she hasn’t mentioned anything about going under the knife lately.

UPDATE: RadarOnline has released photos of Heidi with a mysterious bandage on her nose–could this be evidence of the surgery Heidi tweeted about? See the photos here.

So, is Heidi hiding something, or just mistaken? Share your thoughts in the comments below.