Zac Efron Hides Vanessa Hudgens at LAX (PHOTOS)

Lovebirds Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens had a tough time going unnoticed when they arrived in LAX after their Hawaiian vacation.

Zac attempted to hide his High School Musical squeeze with his hand as they exited the airport on Wednesday evening. Vanessa was not pleased about getting photographed in her sweats!

What do you think of Zanessa's chivalrous peek-a-boo game? Click here for more photos and let us know what you think in the comments below. Check out more paparazzi snaps over at Paparazzi-Razzi.



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  • kayedanamae

    yeah theyre cute but shes happy with some1 else...there old! old news..!!!!! FAN

  • kayedanamae

    SHES NOT UGLY!!! your just hating...but shes taken by austin butler....remember???! duh?!

  • Ivonne Bartl
    Ivonne Bartl

    Best job in Orlando for a UCF student is

  • Fran

    How exciting is this?? Look at their hands closely! They are so cute... I'm not thinking they got engaged or something like that, I actually think it's something cuter.

  • Jarusia dyngee
    Jarusia dyngee

    i like too see them together

  • mgEMILYm

    i think they're soo cute! now because they left disney channel, you don't hear a lot of them... =) ZANESSA SUPPORTER!!

  • PaigeNetworks

    I think it is so cute that they have been together so long.

  • Doyinsola Ajaii
    Doyinsola Ajaii

    did u guys see their ring fingers!!!! OMG,u noticed,..yea,,i thnk its lyk a promise or smthn,..dey re da best couple ever, dem soo much,..ZANESSA 4 LYF...

  • jesslynluvrobsten

    that's cute :)

  • Kei Roderos Nishi
    Kei Roderos Nishi

    I would hide her too, she's Fugly!! not as fugly as you,,,!!!your the fugliest in the whole world im so sure of that!

  • Bridge

    hahaha aww how cute

  • lee

    did u guys see their ring fingers!!!!

  • Yasmeen M. Al-Shahry
    Yasmeen M. Al-Shahry

    nice pix ;)

  • jazmine

    nice pix ;)

  • Mitzie

    Very Cute.

  • annia

    It makes me laugh, when it's Zac and Vanessa who do simple or stupid things like that, everybody is like "how cute they are etc..." but when it's another couple the comments are like "wtf are they doing?" "are they stupid?" or "those people are attention wh*res". Jeez they're like everybody on this Earth! -_-'. Zanessa fans are creepy sometimes

  • Jo

    peek a boo ! wtf ?

  • freshup16

    I would hide her too, she's Fugly!!

  • annabannana56

    Awww that's adorable!