British DJ Calls Justin Bieber a 'Brat'

British DJ Calls Justin Bieber a 'Brat'-photo

Is Justin Bieber a diva? Well, at least one person thinks so, and he has no qualms about trashing the 16-year-old pop star to the press.

BBC Radio 1 DJ Scott Mills told Metro that the "Baby" hitmaker didn't leave a good impression on him during a recent interview:

Seriously, someone needs to have a word with him. He's a precocious little brat.

Scott later sorta-but-not-really apologized on his Twitter, claiming that he "may have" called Justin a brat and that it was "just [his] experience of him."

Scott isn't the first adult to publicly accuse Justin of being a diva. Back in May, an Australian TV host accused Justin of throwing a tantrum and telling one of the show's staffers to never "ever f***ing touch me again." The host later said that "someone needs to drag [Justin] aside and give him a bit of a slap."

What do you think of Justin's latest diva accusation? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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  • Truth hurts
    Truth hurts

    Why, I assume you've had a contradictory personal experience then? The fact is as a celebrity it's his obligation to be polite to people, and the truth is lots of people have called Beiber a brat (or worse) so clearly it's true. He does seem like a real tw*t

  • uidgshkfd

    he IS a spoiled little brat. i don't get what's so totally amazing about a guy who looks like a billion others just more girly & super short & who just recently hit puberty & sounded like a girl? come on people, we have greater talent in this world. :/

  • KTownes97

    He really is a precocious little brat.He thinks that because he's famous he can do whatever he want.I hate people like that.He should learn some humility from Selena Gomez for example. really? cuz selena loves him! she says hes lik a little brother to her! and you dont kno what went down behind the scenes so dont judge!

  • Chiara Grace Nalasa
    Chiara Grace Nalasa

    its no surprise he swaress i watched this vid of him sayin bullsh*t.... it was naot bull sh*t it's only sh*t

  • Chiara Grace Nalasa
    Chiara Grace Nalasa

    I hope justin will never change

  • Chiara Grace Nalasa
    Chiara Grace Nalasa

    maybe he got a bad day!!! but still not right to say 'bullsh*t' in public you have to do your manners!!!

  • Chiara Grace Nalasa
    Chiara Grace Nalasa

    I don't know what is really true but I think we should not judge a person!!! he maybe famous bu he is not perfect nobody's perfect they also have attides!!!!

  • Caitlin Isherwood
    Caitlin Isherwood

    Don't worry,he isn't important. You got that right

  • Caitlin Isherwood
    Caitlin Isherwood

    Yes he is A brat im a teenage girl and a lot of people i know just like i did had bieber fever at one point =/ and personally he is just a manufactured kid he needs to watch his attitude he aint gonna last long if he behaves like a "brat"

  • NoneOfYourFuckingBusiness

    Justin Bieber = Talentless little spoilt brat with a massive ego!

  • lisa

    he's forgetting where he comes from! the streets!

  • bieberhater

    justin bieber is a spoilt little talentless brat. to all the thirteen year old girls out there, listen to some real music and crush on someone who doesn't look like a lesbian.

  • charine

    Did you hear him calling himself 'international superstar'? c*cky, arrogant brat!! His mom should spank him more. Without Usher and adult song writers, he couldn't have collected any money. I saw him singing live on TV. What's up with his voice? Couldn't tune a note! I wish every morning he and Adam Lambert would go away!!

  • Kaya

    he is not a brat he might be a divo but not a brat btw he is a hot divo

  • monica

    well where is the proof that justin bieber is a brat and that he told people to never touch him...? i know i never met he but he is a nice sweet guy and he would never do that :)

  • ------Taylor--Lautner-----

    Justin Biber is a BRAT!!!! My sister is dating the dude that knows justin and me and justin r friends but now since i know him he is a brat but he is nice and cool but a brat!!!!!!

  • kelliemurray

    In a few years Justin won't be relevant anymore. He will be replaced by the next sensation. But in the meantime, he needs to be more grounded and not so bratty. Children need to be respectful of their elders, period.

  • mrs. justin drew bieber
    mrs. justin drew bieber

    Justin Bieber is not a diva, he's just human. PLEASE ACCEPT THAT THANK YOU!!! i think everybody should just lay off!!

  • mrs. justin drew bieber
    mrs. justin drew bieber

    its no surprise he swaress i watched this vid of him sayin bullsh*t.... OK!! so what if he said bullsh*t????!!! everybody says it!!! and he didnt say bullsh*t! he tripped off his bike and said ah sh*t! it slipped so what get over it!!


    He's a effing loser. Oh and of course his little fans will defend him. The guy is an arrogant piece of worthless sh*t...actually he's the parasites that live on sh*t.

  • Joanna

    I KNEW IT WAS TRUE!!! For all of the people that say that the Jonas Brothers are not down-to-earth, then take a look at this kid. If you're going to do all of that, and you haven't even entered the business for a good year, yet, then you ARE a diva. All of that smack talk about how he wants to fight the Jonas Brothers and how he's a good kisser is bull-crap. In all honesty, he needs to wait until he hits puberty before he talks sh*t.

  • Anna

    justin bieber is not a little brat ok we all have our ups and downs so we wont alwways be happy

  • nicoleyyy

    LOL celebuzz. Get some better stories. Is this the best you can come up with.

  • mollyw

    Don't worry,he isn't important. hahahahahah

  • chelleasbieliber

    i believe that he is a diva!!!!! my god!!! i can't believe that there are people who doesnt like justin bieber!!!

  • JBieberBelieber

    justin is not a brat at all....hes a down t earth goofy dude who just wants to have funn:).....nd when he said "never "ever f***ing touch me again."....i mean thts normal wouldnt u think the same if a guy juss came and touched you eww n touchy please!! please dont blame justin hes juss being his normal self nd trying to enjoy life the wat it is;) u JB...-thankyou-

  • Mrs.bieber (i wish)
    Mrs.bieber (i wish)

    well i dont care if he gets called a brat sometimes he might react to something harshly..maybe cuz he doesnt have so much people his age around him...and hes on alot of pressure. and i dont see anythng wrong with being a DIVA! but he isnt hes the most down2earth person/celeb i know! and he never takes star treatment at places. So hes AMAZING! and i think that DJ shouldnt of said that! it might of been hard on justin, and his reputation. I think hes amazing! hes an insperation! thank you justin for you baby ;)

  • Guest

    hes a little too over his head, he gotta learn some respect and humility. His stuck up attitude just gets him alot of haters. If thats what he wants then he an continue that attitude of his

  • Kelly

    Justin Bieber IS a brat. When he came to New Zealand, he had a cry(not literally) about his hat being stolen at the airport. The next day when he had to do press interviews, he wore a beanie. On top of that, he doesn't know what German is. So, really, he's a loser.

  • Elodie

    I defiantly agree, fame has hit this kid hard and he thinks hes gods gift to music... i think its great he's shot to fame and i am happy for him but i can defiantly see the diva side to this kid...hes not as grounded as he says, he acts as if he's 21 years old!

  • Candy

    Finnaly someone tht actually see's him for wat he iz. he is really obnoxious and c*cky. he only just entered the bisiness and thinks he's all tht. he's planning on having a book out! i mean seriously???????????? how long have you been famous to have an autobiography? dude!1$%?'@!! just sit tha hell down brat!!!

  • Kathryn Pérusse
    Kathryn Pérusse

    He really is a precocious little brat.He thinks that because he's famous he can do whatever he want.I hate people like that.He should learn some humility from Selena Gomez for example. It's true! Have you seen the ''Twisted'' magazine cover? Justin claims he's a great kisser! Sereously!

  • hottttttttttt

    is it possible to have an of day why do people expect celebritys to be happy 24/7?? he hsa no right to call him a brat he only met him once? GOSH.

  • Doyinsola Ajaii
    Doyinsola Ajaii

    of course hes a little precocious brat,...he shldnt apologise bcos its true..

  • annabannana56

    Justin who? Don't worry,he isn't important.

  • jesslynluvrobsten

    Justin who? you dont know justin bieber?!

  • poopin

    its no surprise he swaress i watched this vid of him sayin bullsh*t....

  • David

    Justin Bieber is not a diva, he's just human. PLEASE ACCEPT THAT He really is a precocious little brat. He thinks that because he's famous he can do whatever he want. I hate people like that. He should learn some humility from Selena Gomez for example.

  • belieber

    Justin Bieber is not a diva, he's just human. PLEASE ACCEPT THAT

  • characters

    Justin who?

  • miaaa

    Justin who? LOL