Kelly Rutherford’s Ideal First Date

‘Gossip Girl’ actress Kelly Rutherford often gives love advice to her on-screen daughter Blake Lively. And after her headline-making divorce, she surely knows a thing or two about the topic of matters of the heart. Today she talks about the ideal first date.

If you’ve been set up on a date, it’s often a good idea to go out with the couple or friend that set you up. That way, everyone is more comfortable and there is more to talk about since there is someone with you that you know already. You will be able to see your date with a bit more perspective when there are people they are comfortable with as well. It really improves the environment and energy of the first date.

If are headed our on a completely blind first date with someone who you have little background on, it’s always nice to meet at a place where you are comfortable. You can also have your date meet you and your friends for a drink — groups work great for a first date. This way, your friends can give you their first impression of your date, and they can meet your friends and get a better understanding of who you are without so much pressure. Most dates feel like job interview, so this can help to eleviate that stress.

xoxo Kelly

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