Lindsay Lohan's Other Legal Battle

Lindsay Lohan's Other Legal Battle-photo

Lindsay Lohan is out of rehab and (hopefully) on the road to recovery, save for one lingering legal woe from 2007.

To recap, LiLo was behind the wheel in a car chase in pursuit of her former assistant's mother, Michelle Peck, that ended with Lindsay's arrest for DUI and cocaine possession. A woman in Peck's car, Tracie Rice, and three men in Lindsay's vehicle decided to sue the actress for an undisclosed amount, claiming they were emotionally distressed and in the case of the men, kidnapped.

Three years later, the suits have been consolidated and a trial date of January 31, 2011 has been set, according to RadarOnline, giving Lindsay until then to settle, or let a judge decide if she owes damages. It could prove a tough battle for LiLo, as Rice's lawyer has said: "My client...thought she was going to die that night and wants Ms. Lohan to be held accountable."

Do you think Lindsay should settle up - or leave it up to a judge? Go ahead and play legal analyst in the comments.

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  • sickofignorance

    three men kidnapped by lindsay YEAH!!!!! okay as if!!!!!! give me a brake people and afraid for her life LOL this has get rich quick written all over it!!!! Do people really have nothing better to do in there lives then kick others while there down, you 4 people really need to get a life, and not at the exploitation of others.. Does it really make you feel better sleeping at night knowing your a means to the cause and not the cure..

  • mig

    Come on... Everybody know Lindsay was tottaly mad those days. She put her life at risk almost everyday. Everybody knew she was insane in the middle of 2007. Can a mad suicide blonde out of control be responsible of something? Even her closest friends were surprised that she could go to the toilet alone in that time. It is doubtfull that she could be considered responsible of anything in that moment. Britney was sent to the psychiatric ward and put in conservatorship for much less. Where are those that called her insane now protecting her of this lawsuit?