Mark Salling and Naya Rivera’s Car-Trashing Scandal: New Details

Mark Salling and Naya Rivera might be denying that there’s any unpleasantness between them, but sources are telling quite another story.

Following reports that Rivera had trashed her Glee co-star and rumored beau Salling’s car after reading reports that he’d been two-timing him over the summer, sources are coming forward to spill new details about the alleged vandalism spree. An apparent witness tells Radar Online that Rivera and a friend went on a shopping spree for “ammunition” to hurl at Salling’s ride, and took to the task with no small amount of, well, glee:

“She went into the store and bought the eggs, bird seed, and dog food, and then the girls went out to the street and started throwing things on the car. They celebrated by yelling and throwing their hands in the air after they threw things at the car.”

The source adds,

“[Rivera] looked like she was having a party, cheering wildly each time she and her friend threw something on the car.”

According to earlier reports, Rivera also keyed Salling’s vehicle, initially identified as a Lexus. Salling has all but denied that the incident occurred, noting on his Twitter feed,

“Btw I don’t even drive a Lexus.”

Perhaps the controversy can be addressed on the upcoming season of Glee, with a musical number titled “Get Out of My Nightmares and Stop Throwing Crap at My Car.”

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