Paris Hilton’s Bigshot Boyfriend Saves the Day!

Paris Hilton narrowly escaped a horrible fate at the hands of an alleged knife-wielding intruder this week largely due to her boyfriend, Vegas nightclub mogul Cy Waits, who reportedly stopped the guy in his tracks at gunpoint.

TMZ reports Waits and Hilton were woken up at Hilton’s home by a loud commotion around 6:30 AM on Tuesday. TMZ says Waits, a hero to his damsel in distress, grabbed his gun and went to investigate.

According to sources, Waits saw the man, now identified as Nathan Parada, peeking through a window from outside and carrying a large kitchen knife in one hand and a deer hunting knife in the other. Hero Waits immediately stepped outside with his weapon drawn and ordered Parada to drop the knives and hit the ground, where he held him at gunpoint until the cops arrived.

Later, Parada told cops he learned where Paris lived from a star map which are sold along the streets of Hollywood. He was booked for felony burglary.

Sources say this incident inspired Paris to install multiple home security systems, including a set of surveillance cameras and an infrared scanner — plus two 24/7 bodyguards.

Did Paris get lucky on this one? Tell us in the comments section.

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