Take a Peek Inside Giglianne Braga's Closet! (VIDEO)

Take a Peek Inside Giglianne Braga's Closet! (VIDEO)-photo

Want to take an intimate peek into aspiring model and If I Can Dream cast member Giglianne Braga's closet—without worrying about being slapped with a pesky restraining order? Don't worry, Celebuzz has you covered.

In honor of her recently inked modeling deal with Vogue Eyewear, Braga graciously threw open her closet doors at the If I Can Dream House to show us how her unique brand of fashion magic comes together. And we totally videotaped it, so you can benefit from her style wisdom too.

Check out the video below to see Giglianne wax fabulous about her wardrobe choices:



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  • GG See
    GG See

    Giglianne Braga is a selfish jester and nothing about her is amazing. Her joker size mouth and big chin irritates me…no wonder she doesn’t smile. Jealous...nah, just had to get it off my chest. To be more particular, I can't stand the way she treats people. With LA's, “walk on people to get ahead” and Jersey’s, “don't give a crap” attitudes mixed, Gig somehow took all the worst qualities about two great states and compiled it into one person. Don’t watch it, you may say... Well, I prefer to watch 3 other deserving individuals rise to fame. Despite their flaws, I don’t cringe when I see them. I honestly haven’t decided whether she’s sincerely a piece of work or pretending to play the S. Cowell card to dance on the backs of others with insults to fame. At least Cowell is good at what he does. I’ve seen more people work just as hard and treat people with more grace and prestige then I’ve seen in 29 episodes of Gig-filled hate. She's just a body that will sell needless, materialistic items to feed the minds of overzealous, over paid, flamboyant house wives wrapped with a "I'll never be good enough without this accessory" gimmick. Someone tape her mouth shut, she might earn some money off the teenage wet dreams, because her lack of respect for life certainly won’t. I've seen bums with more personality and soul. One more thing to think about….I hope Pepsi is watching and critiquing. From a marketing perspective, she represents NOTHING that Pepsi Refresh is about.

  • annabannana56

    Who's she?