Taylor Swift Dating “Mine” Video Co-Star?

Has Taylor Swift’s “Mine” video wedding to British actor Toby Hemingway translated to real life love?

According to the New York Post, Swift, 20, has been “gallivanting around Maine” with the blonde Hemingway, 27, who has appeared in the fright flick, The Covenant, and will star in the trippy thriller Black Swan, starring Natalie Portman.

“Insiders” predict Hemingway will escort Swift to her live CMT special tonight, officially debuting the “Mine” video, but Taylor’s camp isn’t letting any details slip about the possible budding romance, telling the Post: “We don’t comment on Taylor’s personal life.”

Fans may recall that Taylor – a finalist in Celebuzz’s Teen Queen Battle – has also dated dreamboats Joe Jonas and Taylor Lautner.

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