Lindsay Lohan's Casual Courthouse Chic (PHOTOS)

Apparently, Lindsay Lohan has spent so much time in court lately that she no longer feels the need to get dressed up for a date with the judge.

The Machete actress showed up a Santa Monica courthouse on Friday looking super-casual in a pair of denim shorts, a flannel shirt and what appeared to be a distinct lack of a brassiere. Hopefully she at least ditched the obscenity-laden fingernail design this time.

Click through the photo gallery and let us know in the comments section: Is LiLo's court outfit appropriate?

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  • amyc

    lindsay it so pretty she always is a diva ! pretty dumb

  • missylande

    Let her have time to heal and don't worry about how she looks.

  • pete

    I wish Lindsey the best. I really like her acting. Thought she was great on Ugly Betty. Good luck Lindsey and cant wait to see you play Linda Lovelace.Lindsey has had to work for what all she has. Paris Hilton got it on a gold platter. also the tip about Paris being nasty to Lindsey and was told Paris showed up to the party with the hollywood coke dealer must be true she's back in trouble

  • justcacoo

    lindsay it so pretty she always is a diva !

  • dansho

    Just the other day she was photographed smooching up with a hot piece of ass blonde , and man was she tall. I'm surprised those pics didnt show up here first. See for youself:

  • harakiri

    She really is trying to be a bombshell. Just the other day she was snapped kissing a hot tall blonde and it wasn't the usual dj lesbian skank that she is usually seen with. The new gal had legs up to her mouth and was a hot piece of ass. Surprised those pics were not seen here first.