Matt Damon Gets Sherri Shepherd Pregnant, Sorta

Who knew that Matt Damon could get a woman pregnant just by saying “hello”?

Sherri Shepherd recently revealed some exciting news when she met the Departed actor on the set of 30 Rock earlier this week. From Sherri’s Twitter:

OMG!! I’m on set @30 Rock next to Tina Fey & MATT DAMON is sitting behind me! I went over & said hi – think I just got pregnant! Jamal Damon

(Jamal Damon being the name of Sherri and Matt’s hypothetical love child.)

Of course, Sherri was joking when she said that she was impregnated simply by the charm and good looks of the Oscar-winning actor, but a gal can dream, can’t she?

Matt and Sherri both have small guest roles on the Emmy-nominated show, 30 Rock. Sherri plays Tracy Morgan’s wife and Matt plays the love interest of Tina Fey.

What do you think of Sherri’s baby tweet? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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