Kendra Wilkinson Wants an Emmy, No Matter What! (PHOTOS)

If you can’t beat ‘em—or even compete with ‘em—join ‘em.

Though Kendra Wilkinson’s reality show Kendra, bafflingly, isn’t up for an Emmy today, that isn’t stopping the former Girls Next Door girl from inserting herself (via the magic of Photoshop) into the casts of some of the contenders.

As Wilkinson notes on her official Web site,

“I decided to join the casts of some of the shows that WERE nominated lolol. So if GleeThe Office, Mad Men or Modern Family take home an award, then consider that a win for Kendra!! haha”

Pretty smart; this way, she doesn’t even have to prepare an acceptance speech, either.

Click through the photo gallery to witness Wilkinson’s wishful thinking/image-manipulating wizardry.

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