Coco Talks Booty, Heidi Montag & World Takeover (VIDEO)

Still drooling over those pics of Nicole “Coco” Austin in a bikini? Well, now Coco wants to show the men (and ladies!) of the world who that woman is behind that bodacious booty.

Celebuzz got a chance to chat with our unofficial mascot after she did a live chat for Egotastic/PalTalk last week in New York City. Coco opened up to us about her new Twitter “friendship” with blonde vixen Heidi Montag and her plans on expanding her Coco World empire. Are you prepared for the Coco takeover?

Dressed in a form-fitting red dress (with matching shoes, watch, and purse), Coco partook in a live chat with an international group of Coco fans for Egotastic, hosted by Diana Falzone (Diana even got the chance to cop a feel of Coco’s famous rear while on camera.) Coco explains that she got her awesome, all-natural butt by exercising five days a week and doing lunges, squats, and leg exercises with weights. “Weight builds muscle,” Coco explains.

After the live chat, we talked with Coco about her Twitter friendship with Heidi and her plans for a Coco takeover. Watch the video below.

Coco gets asked so much about how she gets her butt that the stunning wife of Ice-T is reportedly considering opening up her own gym. Her Law & Order husband tells us that opening and running a gym might be good fodder for a reality show. Ice admits that he and Coco are often approached to do a reality show but he doesn’t want to do one because a “family has never survived a reality show.” The gym, he feels, would be a better fit for reality show drama.

You don’t have to wait until Coco opens a gym to find out more about how to replicate her fitness regimen: The avid Twitter user is launching a women’s website that will address beauty, fitness, and relationship questions. The site is expected to launch later this week so keep your eyes peeled, ladies!

Coco isn’t stopping at a women’s website. The swimsuit model says she is also planning on launching a clothing line later this year for women who have her similar body shape. It may not be possible for a woman to have Coco’s amazing body, but there are plenty of ladies out there who are interested in Coco’s unique sense of style.

Want to find out more about Coco? Check out her website, Coco’s World (NSFW) and follow her on Twitter. Check out all of Celebuzz’s Coco coverage over at Booty Call with Coco.

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