‘Glee’ Kids: Show Us the Money!

It worked for the party animals of Jersey Shore — now the more upstanding singers and dancers of Glee are said to be fighting for more money. At issue are royalties from the show’s soundtrack albums, including the latest, Glee: The Music — Journey to Regionals, which shot to number-one on the Billboard 200 chart this summer.

According to the New York Post, the red-hot Glee kids are pressing Sony Music and showrunner Ryan Murphy for a cut of the profits.

“The ‘Glee’ cast is furious because they feel they were misled by Sony,” The Post said. “They have all complained to Ryan that they want a bigger share of the royalties.”

Mark Salling, who plans to release an album of his own, said he’d received “not a dime” of payment after the soundtrack album shot to number-one. Last week, Cory Montieth told a DC radio show he got a paltry “400 bucks,” but joked: “If I’m patient, and if this thing does really well, maybe I’ll see another 400 bucks.”

A rep for Lea Michele denied she has any issues with Sony, but can fans really blame the Glee kids for pressing for more dough? After all, Snooki and The Situation make the same paycheck as Glee advisor Matthew Morrison.

See what the Glee stars have to offer here:

Do you think the Glee kids deserve more money? Agree or disagree in the comments. 

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