Taylor Lautner Challenged to a Push-Up Contest by Legal Foe

Taylor Lautner Challenged to a Push-Up Contest by Legal Foe-photo

Now this could be a groundbreaking—and sexy—new method of lawsuit resolution. 

Twilight beefcake Taylor Lautner is suing an RV dealership, and now the owner of the dealership has a unique proposition for settling the lawsuit: He's challenging Lautner to a push-up contest. Yes, really.

Brent McMahon, 47, of Irvine, California-based McMahon's RV, issued the challenge on Monday. Lautner's suit claims that the $300,000 customized vehicle, which he intended to use as a dressing room on the set of Abduction, his latest film, arrived late and required additional work upon its arrival.

McMahon—who claims that Team Lautner offered to accept a $40,000 settlement from him—says that he will donate the same amount to Children's Hospital of Orange County if he wins the contest. Should Lautner fail to accept the challenge, McMahon adds, his company will vigorously defend itself in court.

An attorney for Lautner, Robert Barta, declined to comment on the challenge/settlement offer.

Hmm; a 47-year-old RV dealer, or an 18-year-old who's world-renowned for his buff physique. Who would reign triumphant in this little face-off? 

Do you think Lautner should accept the offer? Especially if charity is involved? Share your thoughts in the comments section.

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  • iluvtaylorlautner=]=]

    * The old guy's gonna puke up his Fiber One!!* bahaha xD Go Tay. lol,most likely!!!!!!

  • iluvtaylorlautner=]=]

    ummm,yeah he should take the offer!!! i would pay extra to watch that!!!!

  • Raluca

    Nooo. He shouldn't participate. :|

  • Izzie

    Actually, Taylor declined the challenge, insisting the proposal shows the firm's "lack of professionalism." Taylor's lawyer Robert Barta agrees with Taylor, "McMahon RV's response to our client's legitimate claim further demonstrates the lack of professionalism that Mr. McMahon, his company, and his employees have exhibited from the outset, and that compelled the filing of this lawsuit in the first place." Now, McMahon's RV conceded, agreeing to pay the teen star the amount. Lautner's lawyer, Robert Barta, said the amount will benefit The Lollipop Theater Network. Barta told Us magazine, "McMahon's RV has agreed to settle its dispute with Taylor Lautner. McMahon's RV will pay $40,000 to Lautner, which Lautner will donate to The Lollipop Network, a children's charity with which he has a long-standing relationship." The Lollipop Theater Network is a non-profit organization dedicated to bringing movies currently in theaters to children confined to hospitals due to chronic or life-threatening illnesses. The Lollipop Theater Network works with hospitals nationwide, including the greater Los Angeles and Orange County areas.

  • sarah

    how do you know he won? where did you read it?

  • taylor

    TAYLOR WON. the 40,000 goes to lollipop theater foundation thing.:) STUPID SHANE. thought he could beat taylor. HA! in your face.

  • mrs.taylorlautner

    go taylor kick that old dudes but so what if the dealer already won cause of the publicity when taylor wins then he'll be publiclly humiliated and if taylor lets him win then people just love taylor more!!!!!!!!!

  • sydsouth

    * The old guy's gonna puke up his Fiber One!!* bahaha xD Go Tay.

  • a5ofclubs

    Don't be silly, this has nothing to do with pushups, or $40k. This dealer is probably in great shape, but who wins a pushup contest doesn't matter. He's already won, he's getting a million dollars worth of publicity for a mere forty grand.

  • xxrejectedxspiritxx

    Push Up..? Has This Dude Seen Taylor's ABS ??? i mean Gah !

  • Donald

    Push up contest to resolve a breach of contract suit? This 47 year old dealer guy sounds like a 13 year old boy. He must have been a pain in the neck to deal with.

  • Amanda Larson
    Amanda Larson

    Taylor's 18 but that's not the point.

  • Geoff

    I love how it's implied that it would be terribly foolish for a 47 year old man to go up against a seventeen year old kid with a buff physique. You haven't even seen the 47 year old man but here's a hint, if he wants to do the contest, if it was his idea, he's probably in pretty good shape too.