Why Megan Fox Always Plays the Vixen (VIDEO)

Does Megan Fox look like a mean girl to you?

The Transformers actress sat down with Diablo Cody for another wonderful installment of “Red Band Trailer.” The 24-year-old stunner opened up to Diablo (whom she worked with on Jennifer’s Body) about her early acting career and why she always gets typecast as the raven-haired meanface.

Watch the interview below.

Megan talked about her first “mean girl” role as the nasty Brianna Wallace in Holiday in the Sun, which co-starred Mary-Kate Olsen and Ashley Olsen:

I think I just fell into [being typecast as the vixen] because [Holiday in the Sun] was the first time that I was a dark-haired girl against two blonde, sweet, girl-next-door types. I don’t know what kind of look it is that I have but it’s some sort of look that makes me look like I’m a b***h.

Watch Megan’s first mean girl role in Holiday in the Sun below:

Megan also admits that she is a bit of weirdo but that she has had to “learn how to adapt” her eccentricities in order to “survive” in Hollywood.

Meanwhile, Megan’s new husband Brian Austin Green better watch out: The luscious beauty admits to having a crush on one Kelly Ripa.

Do you think it is unfair that Megan is always typecast as the mean girl? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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