Lea Michele Rescues Strays on ‘Glee’ Set

It looks like Lea Michele has been moonlighting as an animal rescuer.

The talented Glee actress has earned a bit of a reputation for being a diva, but she reveals to People that she also has a softer side. The 24-year-old Emmy-nominated starlet tells People that she has found homes for a slew of homeless animals she has found while filming Glee:

I’m a really big animal lover. My mother always said, ‘Stand for something, or [you’ll] fall for everything.’ I feel like [animals] don’t have a voice.

Lea found six stray kittens on the Paramount Studios lot and found homes from them within the cast and crew of Glee. “They probably would have been eaten,” said Lea, “So I rescued them.”

Lea also saw a dog tied to a fence while the cast was filming a scene at a school in Long Beach, CA. Lea said she “made the people at Glee send the dog to the vet” and made sure that the dog was well-cared for.

That abandoned pup has found a loving home with Lea’s co-star Harry Shum.

What do you think of Lea’s rescuing ways? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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