'Real Housewives' Drama Explodes at Reunion (VIDEO)

'Real Housewives' Drama Explodes at Reunion (VIDEO)-photo

Last night, the gals from The Real Housewives of New Jersey sat down for a reunion special that was full of drama, physical fighting and answers to some important questions from season one.

First, we finally got a possible answer for why Dina Manzo abruptly left the show earlier this year. Hardcore RHONJ fans may remember that Caroline Manzo, Dina's sister, broke down into tears at the first season's reunion special because of something that Danielle had allegedly done to Dina.

Danielle revealed that Dina thought that she had tried to have her daughter taken away from her because she was an "unfit mother." Danielle denies the claim, but both Caroline and Jaqueline Laurita were unconvinced. It is also revealed that Danielle demanded a gag order against Dina after she left the show.

After the gag order was revealed, all Housewives hell broke loose. Teresa Guidice jumped up from her seat and began screaming obscenities at Danielle when Staub claimed that Teresa had never acknowledged her nephew. Teresa even pushed host Andy Cohen after he tried to keep her from attacking Danielle! Watch the video below.

The drama of the reunion special (and, keep in mind, this is only part one of a two-part special) may explain why Danielle was allegedly asked not to return for the next season of RHONJ.

Later in the show, the issue of Teresa's bankruptcy came up. Teresa denied that her house was in foreclosure and brushed off claims that she was in $11 million in debt. Remember that the reunion special was filmed in late July of this year, a full month after news broke that Teresa was suffering financially.

Teresa admitted that her husband had never told her that they were in debt but had told her to stop spending so much money. Teresa said she was "keeping out the negative" from her life, but host Andy hinted that she might be in denial. Meanwhile, Danielle smirked in the background while Teresa grew more and more uncomfortable during Andy's questioning. Watch the video below.

So much drama!

Also present at the reunion was musician Lori Michaels, whom everyone referred to as Danielle's "partner." While Danielle refused to admit openly if she was dipping her toe in the sapphic waters of love, everyone else seemed to think they were an item.

The second installment of the reunion special will air next week on Bravo.

What did you think of the reunion special?Are you Team Danielle or Team Everyone Else? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

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  • August

    Great post! You should definitely follow up to this topic :) -Yours Truly, Emerson ansambel

  • Lovesista

    I agree that the clan is wrong for causing all this drama with Danielle. They bring things up against her and then soon as she opens her mouth to defend herself they judge everything she says and does; ie: jaqueline brought up Dina and then when Danielle tries to defend herself everyone wants to tell her to shut up. She's better than me cause I would have set all them straght. If Danielle is off the show there will be no show, because they Clan is boring!

  • Beautiful

    I think that it's not fare for Danielle not to be in the show anymore because of the clan. Look @ Teresa! Out of her mind now she wants to judge Danielle pls! When you're someones real friend you accept them with their downfalls. I hate hypocrate plp. So caledl friends. They hang out/talk with you when they don't really even like you. Next season they clan will team up againt Teresa to keep it interesting.

  • dude

    who are they?

  • Luisa

    Seriously' everyone against one, "come on", I know Danielle is a bit looney looking but, (and in fact is). It all started when they went diggging up her past n brought up on the show like who's bussiness. Before this all their lifes where pretty boring and not much to talk about. Its not cool they all gang up on one. Because they r also lying, for example; Jaqueline's face expression when she went over to Theresa's home n talking about the car accident she seem like she knew it wasnt right to drink n drive and now she's like claiming that Theresa"s husband was never drunk, "yeah right"! BS.

  • Sarahseriously.com

    LOVED IT!! I seriously can't get enough of this show. In one minute everyone is so funny and silly and then Danielle comes into the picture and it is nothing but chaos. Teresa is crazy!! Bravo needs to start installing seat belts everywhere that she sits!! She cracks me up!! Love her. What about the Dina and Danielle drama? With Danielle trying to get Lexi taken away. That is nuts! Can't wait for part two of the show...I wish everyone would just tell the whole story of all the little stories!

  • No Hope
    No Hope

    The fact this is being reported like it's important news is so f*cking frightening. Thanks for contributing to the proliferation of this abject sh*t.

  • buzzbuddy

    so much drama!

  • Lynzaa

    ooops, meant to say MAN handled Andy Cohen (when i type the text is soooo light, not cool, i cant see)

  • Lynzaa

    this was AWESOME!!!!! Teresa was possessed! she was growling and speaking in tongues practically! LOVED when she mad handled Any Cohen, that was classic. that needs to be made into a GIF image, pronto. cant wait for the second part!!!!