Send Celebuzz Your Questions for Demi Lovato!

Send Celebuzz Your Questions for Demi Lovato!-photo

We at Celebuzz will have the pleasure of chatting with singer, actress and overall cutie Demi Lovato on Wednesday afternoon -- and we're asking our dear readers and Demi fans everywhere to send us your questions for the lovely Camp Rock 2 star! We'll pick a few of the best and pose them to Demi.

There are 2 ways to submit your questions for Demi:

1 - Head over to our Facebook page and post your questions on our wall.

2- Hop on Twitter and tweet your question to @celebuzz.

Hurry up and send in your questions for Demi by tomorrow. Thanks in advance for all of your genius ideas!



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  • star

    is seena gomez ur bff and how much do u luv her

  • Camp Rock 2 Fan
    Camp Rock 2 Fan

    hey demi i just wanted to know if there will ever be a camp rock 3?

  • lauren

    when will demi do a concert in the uk?

  • demifan97

    hay demi.i am uur biiiggest faan.i WANNA KNOW IF YOU AND MILEY WILL DO A DUET TOGETHER.That woooould bee awesoome.I loveeeee yoou

  • kelsey

    hi my name is kelsey and i like

  • Master

    Golly jee she is beautful. Its the eyes, they draw you in with firery passion!

  • shoomi

    is it real that you and justin beiber will record a song > it will be sooo amazing !!!!

  • blackwood101

    hey demi,is joe jonas the best boyfriend that you ever had?

  • bestfan

    hi demi, you recentley admitted that you had a 'girl crush' on kim kardashian and you idolised her for embracing her curves, when did you finally realise that you felt comfortable with your curves?

  • Mariah White
    Mariah White

    Hi my name is mariah. R u ever going to make a facebook person so u can connect with fans? Also wen r u going to tour in pa? and is there going to b a camp rocck 2?

  • Mariah

    Hi. My name is Mariah. Me and my friend Kristen, r like ur biggest fans. Is there going to be a camp rock 3? I think u should continue singing and actin because you and selena r the mos taleted on disney. just my opinion. And wen r u going to have a concert in pa? Also r u ever going to make a facebook person so u can connect with fans and friends? plz answer. bye

  • Erene Queen
    Erene Queen

    what can you say about the rumors about joe jonas and ashley greene? has joe tell you something about them?

  • frenchgirl

    is it going to have a camp rock 3?? when are you going to paris for a concert?? we miss you soooooo much! do you have a facebook account? you and miley are going to make a duet?? it would be amazing :D

  • kennedy

    hey demi i luve you soo much im asking would you ever record a rap song.and i luvv u and ur soo gorgeous

  • Bria

    Please I NEED to know the answer to this; why didn't you make "stronger"a song on either of your albums? And will you every re-record it and out it on your upcoming album? Also, will you record "For the love of a daughter?" Thank you!

  • Rebecca

    Would you like to play Sandy in the Grease remake with Joe as Danny? And will there be a Camp Rock 3?