Conan O’Brien Reveals New Show’s Name (VIDEO)

After months of silence, Conan O’Brien has finally revealed the name of his new late night show on TBS.

So, what’s the name? Conan! It’s simple, short and perfect for the hilarious television host.

“I’ve spent millions of dollars, I’ve had media research companies, thousands of people working ’round the clock,” the 47-year-old host joked about how he picked out the name. “Conan: simple, pure, like the man himself.”

Watch the video below.

Conan famously got ousted as the host of The Tonight Show after only spending a couple of months on the show. NBC gave The Tonight Show back to former host Jay Leno earlier this year and Conan was barred from appearing on TV again until September.

Conan will be joining Geroge Lopez, who hosts Lopez Tonight on TBS. Conan will premieres on November 8th.

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