Demi Moore Dirty Dances, Ashton Kutcher Threatens to Sue (VIDEO)

Sometimes, when the world is getting you down, the only thing to do is to dance your worries away. Or perhaps summon your lawyers.

Perhaps harkening back to her performance in Striptease, Demi Moore cut a rug at Snoop Dogg’s concert at Superdraft in Las Vegas last week, climbing on stage to perform a sultry dance while her hubby, Punk’d honcho Ashton Kutcher, looked on admiringly. 

Sadly, life hasn’t been all been one big song and dance for Hollywood’s most celebrated May-September couple these days. On Wednesday Moore and Kutcher were plagued by a Star Magazine report claiming that Kutcher was seen “kissing and groping a hot young blonde by an out-of-the-way bathroom at Italian restaurant Madeo in L.A.” According to a supposed eyewitness,

“Ashton had this gorgeous girl pinned against the wall, and he was totally making out with her. I was shocked to see him sucking face with a girl who obviously wasn’t Demi.”

Not content to let the rumor slide, Kutcher took to his Twitter account this morning to not-so-subtly suggest that he’s considering legal action against the publication:

“I think Star magazine calling me a ‘cheater’ qualifies as defamation of character. I hope my lawyer agrees…STAR magazine—you don’t get to stand behind ‘freedom of the press’ when you are writing fiction.”

Do Demi and Ashton seem like a couple on the rocks to you? Check out video of their Snoop Dogg revelry below and share your thoughts in the comments section:


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