Lady Gaga Debuts New Song in Concert (VIDEO)

Every Lady Gaga concert is, of course, a special affair to be remembered, but some Lady Gaga concerts are more special than others.

The “Alejandro” crooner decided to crank the joy up to 11 during her performance at St. Paul, Minnesota’s Xcel Energy Center on Monday, treating the crowd to a brand-new song, “Living on the Radio.”

The piano-driven ballad includes a shout-out to her fan base (dubbed “little monsters” by the singer), reading, in part,

“Baby, you’ve got a friend/ And so many little monsters/ Keep living on the radio/ And when there’s nowhere to go/ And all your friends are gone/ And you’ve only got your daddy to call/ You’re gonna be alright, honey/ Because your songs are on the radio.”

After the last chord had finished ringing, Gaga told the audience that the tune “came straight from my soul to you.”

Check out video of the good Lady performing her song below. Is it a worthy addition to the esteemed Gaga canon? Share your critique in the comments section.

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