New ‘Twilight’ Star Rami Malek: Who Is He?

There’s a new actor in Twilight town, and his name is Rami Malek. Who’s he, you might ask? Let Celebuzz school you on Mr. Malek, and how this is a very exciting addition to the vampire series.

It will certainly be an interesting transition for the 29-year-old actor who’s just coming off of a stunning performance as of PFC Merriell ‘Snafu’ Shelton in The Pacific and recently announced he’ll be in Breaking Dawn Part 2. So just who was he in The Pacific? Remember the American soldier who was tossing pebbles into a dead Japanese soldier’s skull on HBO’s World War II epic? Yep, him. The same guy who stole gold teeth out of fallen fighters’ mouths with his trusty KBAR knife.

In the miniseries, Malek’s sunken-eyed, turned-into-a-zombie-by-war portrayal was one of the show’s most vivid standouts, so having him aboard for Dawn can only make the movie better.

In Breaking Dawn 2, Malek will play Benjamin, who sides with Bella and the Cullens as a member of the Egyptian coven as they battle the Volturi.

“It’s going to be super exciting and I’m thrilled,” Malek told Kate Gosselin when she quizzed him on his new role at the Emmys.

Aside from The Pacific, you might know Malek from his other smaller dabblings in Hollywood. He graced one episode of Gilmore Girls with his presence, and also played Akmenrah in both Night at the Museum movies. His dark features also gave him a token role as a terrorist on 24.

Another FYI moment: He’s got an identical twin brother named Sami.

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